55 Story-Telling Cards


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這55張由拉曼(Ely Raman)所畫出來的生動人物、場景、和物體的卡來自那個從來不存在的但卻是一直都存在的地方。每一張卡都是一個跳板,用來進入熟悉的神話或神仙故事,或是進入一個從來沒有被講過的故事。英勇故事卡重新點燃了自發性和驚喜的喜悅,並讓你回想到孩提時代的夢。這些形象邀請你去經歷故事、幻想、夢想、和魔術般的世界。說故事和寫故事是用來練習創造性的技巧很棒的方式,它可以用在團體裡,或是跟朋友和家人一起玩,也可以用在工作上。

These 55 picture cards painted by Ely Raman depict characters, scenes and objects from a land that never was and always is. Each card is a springboard into a familiar myth or fairy tale, or into a story that has never been told before. The SAGA cards rekindle the delight of spontaneity and surprise, and memories of childhood dreams. The images invite you to travel, with or without a child, into the world of story, fantasy, dreams and magic. Author: Ely Raman



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