77 Faces from all over the World plus 33 Interaction Cards


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77張人像卡加上33張互動卡 繪圖:Ely Raman。這副牌可以用來作為無數的角色扮演的材料,在這個遊戲裡,參加者可以扮演世界各地的人。誰是這些人?他們在做什麼?他們想要什麼?使用人像卡可以透過遊戲來跟各種文化的人會面。互動卡上面的點指出要用來玩的人像卡的數目。箭頭代表他們的互動,參加者將人物帶入生活。當人類的生活變得更複雜,人口變得更多,我們的世界似乎變得更小。文化必須學習交流,放棄成見,並培養容忍。人像卡邀請你以遊戲的方式來看別人,透過想像賦予他們特性和行動,同時也賦予他們感情、反應、和渴望。

77 portrait cards plus 33 interaction cards by Ely Raman provide the material for countless roleplays in which the player acts out people from around the globe. Who are these people? What do they do? What do they want?
Using PERSONA cards offers an opportunity to meet through play and imagination with people of many cultures. The dots on the interaction cards indicate the number of portraits cards to be played. The arrows represent their interactions. Players bring the characters to life.

Author: Ely Raman


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