Lydia Jacob Story


55 mixed-media collages by Raymond E. Waydelich (limited edition, black box, gold stamp)


貨號: LYDIA 分類: ,

Alsacian artist Raymond E. Waydelich has a passion for combining found objects with painting to compose his works of art.
He has created 55 card-sized masterpieces spiced with his own zesty humour especially for this genre of playful tools. As well as being a work of art in its own right, each one of the LYDIA JACOB STORY cards is a departure point into a surreal world, a new and still unknown place occupied by a memorable collection of humans, animals, plants and (possibly) inanimate objects.
Brought together against a backdrop of vivid landscapes, mysterious texts and astonishing maps, the denizens of LYDIA JACOB´s world invite us to associate and invent along with their creator – our fantasy can take over where the artist left off.
The LYDIA JACOB STORY cards can inspire us both to contemplative enjoyment of delightful artworks as well as to active creativity such as storytelling, theatre, music and dance.

Author: Raymond E. Waydelich


重量 0.175 公斤
尺寸 10 × 15 × 4 公分