The Power of OH


A Path to Growth, Insight, and Appreciation of Self and Others


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這是一本200頁的工作手冊,由亞當.布爾喬伊(Adam Bourgeois)所執筆,裡面有88張OHCards的黑白縮圖,並列出很多的書目和索引。這本書分成三個部分,在第一部分亞當討論OH Cards和個人的發現──有意識的、無意識的、和原型的。這些章節可以為第二部分和第三部分對176張OH Cards的評論作準備。在每一張卡的描述之後留有一些空白的地方可以寫下你自己的意見,透過那些意見,這本書也可以成為你個人發現的日誌。

A 200-page workbook for the OH Cards by Adam Bourgeois complete with 88 b/w small representations of the OH picture cards, extensive bibliography and index. The book is organized into three parts. InPart I, Adam discusses the OH Cards and the realms of personal discovery – the conscious, the unconscious, and archetypes.

These chapters prepare the way for Part II and Part III which are about the 176 OH Cards and his insights and comments on each individual card, drawing upon myth,fairytales, word histories, and universal symbols. Space is provided after the descriptions for your own entries, through which this book becomesa personalised journal of your own discoveries. Please read the endorsements for this book under reports.

Autor: Adam Bourgeois


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