77 Portraits of Children & Youth from around the world plus 44 situation-cards about their relationships


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這77張人像卡是由藝術家拉曼(Ely Raman)和路克亞諾瓦(Marina Lukyanova)所畫出的各式各樣的人像,它們代表來自世界各地不同文化的小孩和年輕人。當這些人像卡被放在44張情況卡裡面,那些人物就動起來了,它能夠引發出我們關於團體和家庭的故事。年輕人像卡藉著遊戲邀請我們從記憶和想像中來跟周遭的人連結。這些多彩多姿的卡能夠幫助我們在想像中找到共同的基礎,同時又可以鼓勵創造性的自我表達。有了年輕人像卡,世界上的年輕人就成了我們的鄰居,我們可以跟他們溝通、一起玩,並建立關係。

77 portraits painted by artists Ely Raman and Marina Lukyanova represent children and young people of all countries and cultures of our world.
The Giacometti-like figures on the 44 situation cards help us to infuse the portraits with movement, evoking our own inner stories.
The PERSONITA-Cards are a playful invitation to exchange associations that emerge from memory and fantasy. Sparked by these colourful cards we can find common ground in shared imagination while exercising creative self-expression. With PERSONITA the young people of the world become a neighbourhood in which we can playfully participate, communicate and enact relationships.

Author: Ely Raman
Artwork: Ely Raman, Marina Lukyanova


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