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The Book about this Unique Genre of Playfull Tools; 136 pages, 4 colour section


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作者克思奇在研究了聯想卡的歷史和背景之後寫出了這本書。在每一個遊戲裡都有一個特別的主題,它被拿來在一個較大的架構裡描述和討論。這本書是活的,在它裡面有實用的細節和來自多方人士的個人例子──私人的或職業的,它涵蓋了各個不同的國家和不同的文化。它能夠鼓舞使用聯想卡的人進入到更深度的探討,這是使用OH CARDS系統聯想卡的人重要的參考書。

Author Waltraud Kirschke investigates the history and background of the associative cards. Each game with its unique theme is described and discussed as well as portrayed within the larger framework of the genre.

The book is alive with practical details and examples plus personal reports from a wide variety of card-users, both private and professional, from many different countries and cultures. An incitement to indepth use of the associative cards.
This is an important source of information for all users of any of the titles in this genre.

Author: Waltraud Kirschke


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