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神話卡是拉曼(Ely Raman)最新的說故事卡。來自他的巧手的這55張圖卡畫出了神話領域的一些場景。這些形象也反映出拉曼長久以來對原型的圖畫呈現的興趣。就像英勇故事卡(SAGA)一樣,神話卡也是用來編織一些新的、奇怪的、和很棒的故事,它們很簡單地就能夠引發出你的想像力!神話卡是一副很棒的說故事卡,它很容易玩,而且充滿驚喜。每一個故事都是新的故事,由那個說故事的人藉著幻想來形成。英勇故事卡(SAGA)、神話卡、和1001卡可以一起使用!

MYTHOS is the name of Ely Raman´s latest storytelling deck. The 55 paintings from Ely´s able hand portray details and scenes from the realm of myth. These images also reflect Ely´s longtime interest in the pictorial representation of archetypes. Like Saga, the MYTHOS cards are for weaving into stories strange, new and wonderful.
Quite simply, they inspire the imagination! MYTHOS is a wonderful complement to our other storytelling decks. It´s easy to play and full of surprises. Every story is a new story, shaped by the fantasy of all its tellers. SAGA and MYTHOS, incidentally, can be used in combination!

Author: Ely Raman


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