55 Cards with 110 Foods to Create Meals


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只要有人住的地方就會有食物,有人不享受美食的嗎?有了食物卡,玩家就變成了廚師。平面藝術家西伯特(Anke Siebert)在每一張卡片上畫出兩種不同的食物,玩家可以從它們選擇食材。手中握有三張卡的人就已經有八種組合的可能性。不論是三道菜的一餐或野餐,不論是在五星級的飯店裡或是在露天的環境下,怎麼樣都可以。玩家可以一起來煮,或是依次講出他們煮菜的過程和結果。警告:食物卡是一種促進胃口的遊戲,是最好的開胃菜。

Wherever people live food is prepared and enjoyed. Is there anyone who doesn´t appreciate a good meal?
With QUISINE the players become the cooks. Graphic artist Anke Siebert has portrayed on each card two different food items – from them the players choose their ingredients for dishes and meals.
Whoever holds 3 cards in the hand already has 8 possibilities for combining. Whether 3-course meals or picnics, in 5-star surroundings or under open sky: anything goes. Players can cook together or tell in turn about their processes and results of preparation.
Caution: QUISINE is an appetizing game – the best hors d´oeuvre since cards were invented.

Author: Anke Siebert


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